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Agriculture & Farming

Under the Trump administration the farming and agricultural sector saw a renewal of governmental support as America First policies aimed at bolstering domestic production, reducing regulatory burdens, and engaging in trade negotiations. Trump was instrumental in healing relations with the farming and agricultural sector domestically and abroad. During Trump’s tenure as the 45th president the American agricultural markets saw an economic turnaround as new markets were open to the American beef industry along with rising exports delivered across the globe.

On April 25, 2017 President Trump signed the prolific Executive order 13790 "Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America" aimed at identifying and eliminating unnecessary regulations that stifled farmer’s ability to innovate and thrive. One of the primary goals of the Trump administration was to reduce regulatory barriers that hindered the growth of the agricultural sector. Executive Order 13790 entailed the revoking of Executive order 13575, issued on June 9, 2011 which created a bureaucratic White House Rural Council. Many policies that impinged on the prosperity of rural American farmers had been alleviated, including changes to the estate tax directed at family farms in a bid to preserve generational farmers.

One of the underpinning issues facing rural farmers and people living in rural areas encounter is lack of reliable high speed internet where contacting loved ones and basic telecommunication has been a struggle. Under the Trump administration the USDA Re-Connect Program was launched aimed to improve broadband access, in rural areas. This support was vital for modernizing farms, enhancing connectivity, and ensuring that rural communities remained viable and competitive.

The overwhelming success of Trump’s America First trade policies was the catalyst in restoring prosperity to American farmers who were the biggest beneficiaries. The assertive approach on trade negotiations through the USMCA trade agreement and Phase One of the revised US - China trade deal saw American farmers receive 28 billion dollars in fiscal aid. This renewed viability was the shot in the arm American farmers had been hoping and praying for. The renewed prosperity was assisted by deregulation including the WOTUS Rule which has crippled parts of the Agriculture sector. This change provided farmers with more flexibility in managing their land and water resources while still maintaining necessary environmental protections.

 During the Covid-19 pandemic President Trump initiated a series of relief support packages towards the Agriculture industry. On April 17, 2020 The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) was initiated. This program provided direct financial assistance to farmers affected by market disruptions due to the pandemic. The CFAP program addressed immediate concerns, ensuring that farmers had the resources needed to continue operations during a time of uncertainty. The USDA under the Trump administration also kicked off the Farmers to Family Food Box Program in May 2020 in conjunction with CFAP. The Program delivered over 173 million boxes of fresh produce to Americans across the nation, until the program ended in May 2021.

“Our Nation will always be proud of the unmatched grit and faith and skill of the American farmer.” President Donald J. Trump.

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