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Animal Cruelty Reform Trump Haven

Animal Cruelty Reform

On the Twenty Fifth of November 2019 Donald J. Trump signed HR724 into law, marking the first Federal Law prohibiting cruelty to American animals. Prosecution under the protecting Animal Cruelty and Torcher Act can result in imprisonment up to 7 years and fines.

The PACT Act now criminalizes acts of crushing, burning, and other callus acts that cause unacceptable harm to non-human creations. The act extends to film, photography and or electric recording and imagery. This act has been long over due in the way of animal cruelty reform and was well received by America at large. The bill was passed in congress with bipartisan support, and was praised by the CEO of Humane Society of the USA. The PACT Act was also recognized by the National Sheriffs Association with evidence of linked activity between extreme animal cruelty and to American citizens. “We have a responsibility to honour God’s creation. With today’s act we take the crucial step to being more responsible and humane stewards to our planet” President Donald J. Trump.

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