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Trump Haven April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023 Edition

April has been by far the most pivotal month since Trump’s inauguration in 2016 for the MAGA movement. American has seen some of its darkest days in April, however on the contrary the USA has discovered vast possibility and a dynamic shift in favor of President Trump. Trump has taken a commanding lead across all major polls since the sham arraignment.

Trump pleaded not guilty at the beginning of April where his arraignment hearing in New York was held. There have been no formal charges in writing placed against President Trump. Yet the Manhattan District Attorney has compiled a list entailing 34 counts of alleged falsifying business records in an attempt to criminally prosecute Trump under the Espionage act.

Trump held a heartfelt post arraignment conference at Mar-a-Lago shortly after the hearing. Trump declared that he has no interest settling the case and will take on proceeds defending his innocents and reputation.

Trump Haven April 2023 Newsletter

Joe Biden has announced his 2024 Presidential candidacy despite visible detrition in character and multiple question marks over foreign financial records. Trump delivered a frim take down response to Joe Biden’s pre-tapped announcement video. Donald Trump declared Biden’s presidency as total abomination and more damaging than America's five worst presidents combined. Trump announced he is eager to dismantle the Brandon administration’s record on the debate stage, and to highlight the successful tenure of the Trump administration.

Trump has officially announced plans to end the homelessness crisis that is being to the sweep the nation across all states and major cities. The devastation that is occurring is direct result of hyperinflation caused by the current administrations reckless spending. The bedlam of across the nation, evident by the anarchy on the streets along with major mental health issues, spurred on by a drug addiction crisis.

Trump has been vocal on the failing banking system in America with the US dollar being posed to loose world reserve currency status. This comes as a number of large banks are folding and international partners ditching the US dollar for an alternative. Trump’s popularity has soared, with the latest edition of Letters to Trump going to number one on amazon and has sold a record number of copies in its pre-release stage.

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