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Be Best

The Be Best initiative was prompted by the indefatigable efforts of First Lady Melania Trump. Be Best is fundamentally developed to improve the well being of children in alliance with online safety and opioid abuse awareness. The program is aimed to prepare children to overcome some of the challenges life will face them into the future.

Over the course of the administration Melania’s contribution was remarkable. This included actively participating in the HHS Federal Partners in bullying Prevention Summit on Cyber-bullying and advocating for safe online habits and online tools for children. Along with advocating the SUPPORT Act as legislation with Congress to stem the opioid issue with pregnant women and the epidemic in our youth. Melania also heavily promoted healthy living toward our youth in conjunction with Judeo-Christian values.

The Initiative not only was inspirational to the USA but also overseas. Throughout the administration the First Lady visited India, Japan, Africa, United Kingdom and Egypt. During the First Lady’s time abroad Melania encountered many humbling experiences and the effectiveness of the program globally. “It is my hope that by talking about the values of Be Best with young people in the United States and around the world, our children, teachers, and parents will strive to share them with family and friends throughout their own communities.” First Lady Melania Trump.

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