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December 2022 Edition

Well despite the rally season coming to a close and the festive season in full swing that hasn’t stopped December from countering it's fair share of action. Early in December the Trump organisation was found guilty of 17 charges in relation to irregularities to tax and financial records.

Allen Weisselberg the long serving Chief Financial Officer was sentenced to 5 months imprisonment due to his negligent conduct. Donald J. Trump was not personally convicted.

Trump saw wild success from his NFT launch witch saw over 4 million dollars in revenue, the limited edition collection was sold out in within 24 hours. Simultaneously Trump announced his free speech policy to combat big tech censorship. This was prompted by the well documented twitter files that revealed collusion between the FBI and other government agencies to suppress President Trump in the 2020 election.

American’s First amendment rights have been trampled on partially the conservative voice of America. Trump has vowed to ban federal agencies and departments from collusion with social media platforms via executive order. Trump also announced his intention to revise section 230 with congressional support.

Trump Haven December 2022 Newsletter

The Jan 6 committee has effectively come to an end this month. The partisan committee found 17 recommendations for the grounds of criminal referral of President Trump. Trump has described the hearing as "This Kangaroo court has been nothing more than a vanity project that insults Americans' intelligence and makes a mockery of our democracy."

Highly accomplished legal analyst Alan Dershowitz has referred to the sham committee as worthless. Dershowitz highlighted the unconstitutional nature of the committee, relating to the formation of the partisan committee. This was another phase of the witch-hunt that has been conspiring against Donald Trump in order to disqualify Trump from is presidential run. .

Ultimately the Jan 6 committee withdrew their subpoena against Donald Trump. The Jan 6 committee formation is set to have cost the American tax payer approximately 8 million dollars.

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