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Moms For Trump Endorsement

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December 2023 Edition

December has seen President Trump rack up the frequent flyer miles on Trump Force One as the 45th President has been constantly on the campaign trail in Iowa as selection for the Iowa caucus is fast approaching. Trump made multiple stops across the nation as he was welcomed with loud cheers and adulation in Reno, Nevada and Durham, New Hampshire where the focus of his rallies were on the illegal immigration crisis at the hands of the Biden administration. Trump has vowed to decimate illegal Immigration and preform a mass deportation operation once in the White House in 2025.


The tyranny of the deep state displayed no bounds for any of America’s traditional democratic values or rule of law as the Colorado Supreme Court disqualified Trump off the ballot for the 2024 presidential election. In an unprecedented move by the democrat majority in Colorado, this has set the stage for a complete destruction of liberal democracy as Trump has never been officially prosecuted for his involvement in the Jan 6 riots. The disqualification under the 14th amendment claimed by the Colorado Supreme Court is nothing short of an abomination to the constitutional rule of law. The decision in the State of Colorado has since been paused until the 4th of January according to CBS.

In further tyrannical conduct, Secretary of State Shenna Bellows from the State of Maine has ruled to disqualify Trump off the ballot in Maine also citing the 14th amendment. Similar challenges in Michigan where presented but squashed by the Michigan Supreme Court. Trump has announced he will appeal against all cases of his name being removed from any states ballot in the United States Supreme Court.  

Maryanne Trump Barry  Passing Truth Social

In a big victory for President Trump the Supreme Court of the United States rejected Jack Smith’s request for a fast tracked procedure in relation to the immunity status of Donald J. Trump from Federal prosecution. This defeat to Jack Smith will almost certainly delay the trial of the case which is flimsy at best. December saw some high profile endorsements with Senator Josh Hawley declaring his official endorsement of President Trump. The Republican Party of Ohio announced their endorsement of President Trump, becoming the first statewide part to endorse a 2024 presidential candidate. Other notable endorsements included the likes of Senator Kate Britt and Congressman Andy Barr.


Donald Trump proudly announced on Truth Social that LIV Golf will be operating a championship golfing tournament at Trump National Doral in Miami scheduled for April 2024. The announcement ensued as the Trump Organization has successfully hosted multiple events with LIV Golf at a variety of Trump International golf courses over recent years. Trump also launched his second round of NFT digital trading cards. Trump released the Trump Mug Shot edition of digital trading cards following the success to the first edition of NFT Trading cards released which sold out in record time.  

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