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Energy Independence Trump Haven

Energy Independence

In 2019 for the first time since 1957 the United States of America became energy independent under the Trump administration. This energy revolution provided affordable and a reliable source of energy for all American households and small business, with savings on average of $2,500 per annum on lower electricity prices and lower fuel prices at the pump. Under Trump’s stewardship the USA became the world’s number one producer of oil and retaining the number one position on natural gas production. 2019 also marked the first time in 67 years the USA became a net exporter of energy.

Under Trump the keystone XL pipeline was approved, a pipeline delivering oil from Alberta Canada to Steele City Nebraska witch aides the oil delivery from the two countries which former president Obama vetoed. Overturned the prior administrations moratorium on the prohibiting of leasing coal on federal land which drastically strengthened up energy reliability. Development undertaken in providing clarity and certainty on the renewable fuel standard program, which authorized producers to sell E15 fuel all year round from existing pumps.

Despite the drastic energy transformation renewable energy was not left behind. The USA saw an increase of wind generation power 32 percent from the period 2016 and 2019. The production and consumption of renewable energy in collaboration reached a record high level in 2019. President Trump took bold action and withdrew the USA from the Paris climate accord, an agreement engineered to economically punish and target the United States. Nevertheless the USA saw the lowest carbon emissions levels in 25 years along with signing the executive order of the trillion trees initiative.

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