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Trump Haven February 2023 Newsletter

Donald Trump & Donald Trump Jr. meet officials in East Palestine, Ohio.

February 2023 edition

February has been a month of major policy announcements, with a wave of notices from Donald Trump. Trump has outlined policies ending federal funding on gender affirming procedures and made clear his intentions to outlaw the surgical mutilation of minors by doctors and surgeons. In addition Trump declared he will repeal federal funding to schools practicing gender identity and gender ideology indoctrination. Trump has also issued statements in his momentous fashion to restore American Energy Independence which has been under attack since Joe Biden's inception. Trump announced and entailed plans to end unfair trade practices towards the USA particularly from China. The return of America First policies will be instituted by a return of American manufacturing Trump announced by incentivising American business to produce on home soil.

Trump Haven February 2023 Newsletter

February has delivered us another disappointing performance from the Biden administration. Joe Biden refused to visit the devastated East Palestine village in Ohio, in the wake of the train derailment disaster. Instead President Biden visited Ukraine for meetings regarding the Russia and Ukraine war, putting America last again.

America learned when leadership is needed Trump will deliver. Trump’s visit to the people of East Palestine, Ohio was very well received where Trump was on the ground with the workers and volunteers. The derailment disaster has devastated the small town, contaminating the water supply leaving the residents of East Palestine in dire need of clean drinking water. Trump donated 13 pallets of bottled drinking water which he facilitated.

Heartfelt moments were shared as Trump was seen buying the entire clean-up crew meals from a local McDonalds. The 45th President appeared with the locals and reassured the public how American’s pull through all despair and hardships.

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