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Moms For Trump Endorsement

February 2024 Edition

February saw Trump continue his momentum built from January, with Donald J. Trump continuing his domination of the primary selections in various states. Trump crushed Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina with a commanding victory leaving Nikki Haley’s reputation in tatters. Nikki Haley suffered similar fate earlier in February with an embarrassing defeat in Nevada where Trump’s name was not even on the ballot. The aftermath of Nikki’s poor performance in Nevada saw Trump winning the nomination over Ryan Binkley, where Trump gained 26 delegates in the state of Nevada. Trump also won the nomination in the Virgin Islands caucus, in a strong victory.

The biggest news throughout February was the appalling ruling by New York Judge Arthur Engoron. The ruling ordered Donald Trump to pay 355 million dollars of fines in conjunction with barring Trump from being involved in the Trump Organization, pertaining to business matters in the State of New York.

In addition Donald Trump has been set a court date involving the “hush money” case involving Stormy Daniels. This being the first of four criminal trials brought towards President Trump, with the first court date set to be held on the 25th of March. This case in particular is alleging that Trump falsified business records from the Trump Organization involving Stormy Daniels. In a separate case involving Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels, lost against Trump in a defamation lawsuit where she was ordered to pay Trump over $500,000 after all proceedings.  

Maryanne Trump Barry  Passing Truth Social

Major endorsements where announced in February with Trump receiving an official endorsement from The International Union of Police Associations, along with an official endorsement by the Florida GOP. Lara Trump saw the endorsement of her father in law Donald Trump, as Lara has announced her bid for the nomination of RNC co-chair. Trump went outside of his normal surroundings when he made an appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia. The unconventional stop by President Trump allowed him to unveil his iconic gold edition of sneakers that sold out in record time.

 Donald Trump made major appearances during February as Trump a fan favourite amongst the second amendments lovers made his annual appearance at the NRA convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Trump’s appearance at CPAC in Washington, D.C. was received with ovation and resounding support as the crowd was enthusiastically fighting for their conservative values. The event was highlighted by the President of Argentina Javier Milei who was seen back stage enjoying himself in the presents of Donald Trump.  

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