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First Step Act Trump Haven
Donald J. Trump pictured with Alice Johnson one of the first recipients of the First Step Act legislated.

First Step Act

On the Twenty First of December 2018 Donald J. Trump signed the First Step Act. This marked a major shift in criminal justice reform in the United States. The First Step Act bill is making a mend for the shocking and woeful 1994 crime bill legislated by Bill Clinton. In 1994 all 100 senators including President Biden voted for The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. This caused, in particular a vast sector of the African American youth to be sentenced to highly unfair sentences over minor or non-violent crimes. The 1994 Crime Bill as it was commonly referred to is indicative to the political establishment's contempt to its citizens. All 100 senators clearly got it wrong prior the Trump administration. Donald J. Trump’s tenacity towards the issue of criminal justice reform provided equality, along with fair and just treatment of victims from the 1994 crime bill. This was a extremely rare occasion were cooperation between both parties was bipartisan. In conjunction with the first step act a provision to the Fair Sentencing Act was applied. Donald J. Trump was honoured to announce at the 2018 state of the union address, were Mathew Charles was the first prisoner to be release prison under the First Step Act. Mr. Charles was arrested in 1996 for drug trafficking at 30 years of age and scented to 35 years in prison. During his tenure Mr. Charles completed over 30 bible studies, graduated as a law clerk and was a positive influence to he’s fellow inmates.

"Americans from across the political spectrum can unite around prison reform legislation that will reduce crime while giving our fellow citizens a chance at redemption." President Donald J. Trump.

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