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Trump Haven January 2023 Newsletter

Trump addressing the crowd in Salem, New Hampshire on January 28.


2023 is underway and it’s been a great start for conservative America. Trump has made a number of public appearances in January and has addressed the public on numerous issues. Trump embarked on back to back appearances in New Hampshire and in South Carolina.

Trump has been vocal on issues of national security, calling out the rapid acquisition of American farmland and the critical infrastructure of industry from communist China. The growing concern of indoctrination in the classroom was addressed by Donald Trump in his New Hampshire speech. Trump outlined his education policies, highlighting parental choice along with ceasing of federal funding from schools promoting CRT and forced gender ideology.

In addition Trump announced his intentions to build and create an impervious dome structure. This is to combat the increasing threat of nuclear war and nuclear weapons being used against the United States.

Trump Haven January 2023 Newsletter

The ongoing Biden classified documents saga has been the focal point of the month. The sheer double standards that have been applied to the findings of classified documents in Joe Biden’s garage floor are staggering. Unlike Trump, Biden did not possess the right to declassify as the documents were pertaining to his time as Vice President and even dating back to his time as Senator allegedly.

It's unclear who exactly is examining the classified documents in Joe Biden’s possession, amongst the investigation. Conversely Jack Smith has been appointed to investigate the boxes of documents seized in the Mar-a-Lago raid. Jack Smith is known for his great contempt towards President Trump and has prosecuted others for association with President Trump seemingly with great bias.

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