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Trump Haven 2023 Newsletter

July 2023 Edition

July saw another addition to the greatest political witch-hunt in history. A new investigation has been launched against Donald J. Trump into his efforts to overturn the 2020 general election. Federal Prosecutors claim to have evidence towards criminal charges under section 241 pertaining to Civil Rights Conspiracy misconduct on three counts. Regardless of the Jan 6 committees referrals practically bring rejected by the DOJ, after 1000 plus testimonies and millions of tax payer dollars spent, the harassment of Donald Trump continues. Despite the relentless attacks Trump's poll numbers and popularity has only grown day by day.

Donald Trump addressed key issues in Agenda 47 that are essential to America First policy. Trump punched back at Biden’s attacks on the US auto industry, after crippling regulation was issued from the Biden administration in a bid to enforce the American populous into an exclusive electric car market. Trump has vowed to cease burdensome regulation that is consistent with the green new deal in order to keep US manufacturing and auto production competitive.

Trump Haven 2023 newsletter

Trump issued public a statement tackling the shortage of essential medicines and pharmaceutical drugs. Trump stated additional tariffs and import restrictions towards China will be inevitable in an effort to bring production of essential medicines back to the United States. Trump highlighted the shortage as a national security threat that must be amended.

Trump premiered a private screening of the hyper successful box office hit Sound of Freedom from Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump has been a vocal proponent in the crackdown of cartels committing human trafficking and child smuggling. Trump has urged congress to act upon an immediate issuing of the death penalty to perpetrators of these heinous atrocities again humanity.

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