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I Stand With Trump

June 2023 Edition

June has delivered a busy month with a magnitude of appearances from the 45th president. Trump celebrated his 77th birthday, coinciding with yet another politically motivated indictment that was delivered. 37 charges were issued to Donald J. Trump, including obstruction and unlawful retention of certain defense information along with other classified documents.

This is despite the fact that the Presidential Records Act states in plain English that the incumbent president has the unequivocal right to declassify and obtain information during the tenure of their presidency.

As the general consensus over the indictment is considered politically motivated by and large amongst Americans and in the western world, Trump’s popularity has soared nationwide. Trump holds a commanding lead over next rival Ron DeSantis, opening up the gap significantly from May. Trump has over taken Biden in the polls, now leading in Pennsylvania.

Presidential Records Act Truth Social

Trump was not only very active in attendance at various events held in June but was very vocal of key issues. Trump tackled the issue of public health in particular childhood illnesses and the astronomical rates of various health issues that has arisen in the last two decades. Trump announced his intentions to establish a presidential independent committee to investigate and publish recommendations in response to the crisis.

Trump addressed the issue of fair trade between other nations. An Issue Trump did a phenomenal job on as 45th President. Trump brought forth intentions to have an equal percentage tariff for tariff for all nations under the“Trump Reciprocal Trade Act”. This is cementing America as an open for business nation rather than closing markets for the interests of other countries.

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