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I Stand With Trump

June 2023 edition

June is a busy month, with plenty of appearances from the 45th president. Trump celebrated his 77th birthday, which coincided with the filing of another politically motivated indictment. Donald J. Trump was indicted on 37 counts, including obstructing and unlawfully withholding certain defense information and other classified documents.

Although the Presidential Records Act states in plain English that a sitting president has clear rights to declassify and obtain information during his term.

Trump's support surged across the country amid widespread consensus in the United States and the Western world that the indictments were seen as politically motivated. Trump is far ahead of his next rival, Ron DeSantis, widening the gap from May. Trump has surpassed Biden in the polls and currently leads Pennsylvania.

Presidential Records Act Truth Social

Not only was Trump very active in participating in various events held in June, but he was also very outspoken on key issues. Trump has addressed public health issues, particularly childhood diseases and the astronomical numbers of health problems that have emerged over the past two decades. Trump announced his intention to create an independent presidential commission to investigate and issue recommendations to address the crisis.

Trump talked about fair trade between other countries. As the 45th president, Trump has done an outstanding job on one issue. Trump has laid out his intention to impose equal percentage tariffs on all countries under the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act. This is solidifying America's position as a nation open to business, rather than closing markets for the benefit of other countries.

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