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Law & Order Trump Haven


During Trump’s tenure as the 45th president his administration strived for strong communities and was strong proponent of the men and women of Law Enforcement. Under the Trump administration crime rates dropped each and every year of his presidency. The Trump administrations support towards law enforcement agencies were well revived in addition to a series of effective Executive orders. During the 2020 general election President Trump was formally endorse by all 355,000 members of the Fraternal Order of Police.

On March 23 2018 Trump signed into law the Fix NICS Act. This was prompted by the devastating Sutherland Springs Church Shooting. The Act requires governmental agencies to report to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System with penalties applicable if negligence is found. On June 16 2020 President Trump signed Executive Order 13929 Safe Policing for Safe Communities. The EO was initiated to align law enforcement agencies with transparent and accountable enforcement practices to the public. On June 26 2020 President Trump issued an Executive order authorising authorises to apprehend any persons who is caught defacing US monuments. The EO was signed to prioritise Attorney Generals cases involving the destruction or vandalism of US monuments, with a 10 year maximum prison sentence applicable.

The Trump administration invested close to 400 million dollars towards recruitment of law enforcement officers. This included an overhauled first responder communications network with the launch of the latest FirstNet broadband network. President Trump initiated Operation Legend on July 8 2020. The tile was named after the tragic shooting death of four year old LeGend Taliferro in Kansas. The operation was launched in response to a surge in violence and looting occurring by fringe minority groups. 200 arrests were made by July 22 2020 in Kansas announced by AG William Barr, leading to President Trump expanding the operation. By September 3 2020, 2200 arrest had been made from numerous states across the nation.

“America will be a country of generosity and warmth, but we will also be a country of law and order.” President Donald J. Trump.

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