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Mar-a-lago Trump Haven


Mar-a-Lago is a luxurious private estate and social club located in Palm Beach, Florida and is currently the primary residents of Donald J. Trump. This magnificent estate stretches across 20 acres of prime waterfront land, nestled along the pristine shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Mar-a-Lago is renowned for its opulence and breathtaking beauty, earning Mar-a-Lago the prestigious honor of fifth place in the American institute of Architects 100 years hundred 100 places list in 2012. The title Mar-a-Lago is derived from the Spanish meaning “sea-to-lake” as the property is engulfed by the entirety of Palm Beach. Mar-a-Lago stands as Florida’s second largest mansion in the state.

Construction of the estate commenced in 1924 and by 1927 Mar-a-Lago was complete. The original owner of the estate was businesswoman Marjorie Post who once owned General Foods Corporation. The original establishment was a 58 bedroom mansion with 33 bathrooms and consisting of 12 fireplaces. In 1980 the Mar-a-Lago estate was granted National Historic Landmark status. After her passing in 1973, some brilliant strategy and careful negotiating by Donald Trump who sealed the deal in 1985 for approximately 10 million dollars. In 1994 Mar-a-Lago was transformed into the lavish and exclusive club it is known for today. Mar-a-Lago showcases a distinct Mediterranean Revival architectural style, featuring grand towers along with intricate detailing that extenuates a real sense of old world splendor.

The estate boasts an impressive array of amenities and facilities, catering to the desires and comfort of its esteemed members. Inside the main mansion, one can find extravagant ballroom spanning 20,000 feet hosting luncheons, functions, even hosting concerts for great musical talent with the likes of Celine Dion and Billy Joel who have performed at Mar-a-Lago. Today the ballroom is regularly used as Trump holds press conferences to large audiences on contemporary political issues. Mar-a-Lago has become synonymous with hosting the annual International Red Cross Ball as the charity event has been held at the venue on numerous occasions.

Mar-a-Lago also offers its members access to a private beach, a pristine pool, and well-manicured gardens that provide a serene oasis for relaxation and leisure. Mar-a-Lago is home to the Trump International Golf Club, West Palm Beach were Donald Trump is known to regularly be on the course. Mar-a-Lago has some world class tennis facilities including five red clay courts and Tennis Pavilion on the premises. Mar-a-Lago is equipped with a state of the art spa and fitness center, providing club members a memorable experience.

The club's dining experiences are renowned for their impeccable quality and service. The Mar-a-Lago Club has achieved great culinary accolades, with countless Five Star Diamond Awards over two decades. In 2008 Mar-a-Lago Club was recognized with the Six Star Diamond award in recognition for the clubs long standing, exceptional service in the hospitality industry.

During Donald Trump’s term as the 45th President Mar-a-Lago hosted various political events with a variety of world leaders flocking to the grand establishment. In February 2017 Prime Minster of Japan Shinzo Abe & his wife stayed for foreign policy discussions. Other international leaders to attend Mar-a-Lago included Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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