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Trump Presumptive GOP Nominee

March 2024 Edition

March has provided a month of complete Trump fever as Donald J. Trump has been announced the presumptive Republican nominee. The announcement was delivered after dominating wins in Idaho and Missouri over Nikki Haley as Super Tuesday was the final straw for the embattled challenger Haley. The following day, Nikki Haley bowed out of contention of Republican race as reality struck, acknowledging that Trump is the candidate of choice. Haley only managed wins in 2 states being Vermont and Washington, D.C. Trump also took victories in Kansas and Louisiana shortly after Super Tuesday, along with winning the reaming delegate in Michigan to secure the win in the Wolverine State earlier in the month. Other wins came in Florida, Illinois and Ohio.


During the month of March Trump issued a lawsuit against ABC News regarding commentary from ABC News reporter George Stephanopoulos. The defamation lawsuit is regarding language used by Stephanopoulos around the Trump trial involving E. Jean Carroll, when Stephanopoulos referred to commentary on the case characterising Trump as a rapist. America has endured an horrific volume of murder in this holy season of Easter with the public slaying of 22 year old Laken Riley at a the University of Georgia and the fatal shooting of NY police officer Jonathan Diller aged 31. Trump meet with the families of Riley and Diller in private and publicly expressed the need to restore law and order. Trump addressed the new category of crime (Migrant Crime) as the illegal immigration crisis worsens, at the “Get out the vote rally” in Rome, Georgia where he paid tribute to the life of Laken Riley.

Trump Commenting On Law & Order After Jonathan Diller's Death.

In the never ending which-hunt against Trump, a minor victory in Georgia prevailed as 3 charges were dropped against Trump relating to pressuring officials to overturn the results of a presidential election. Trump is now facing 10 charges instead of 13 as the charges mentioned where dropped due to insufficient details in standing. In the New York civil fraud case an outrageous and egregious amount of 454 million dollars was set for Bond by non-other than Judge Arthur Engoron. The excessive bond set is driven by motive to cease President Trump’s real estate assets and is clearly an unconstitutional violation of the 8th amendment. In an appeal at the appellate court Trump saw his post for Bond significantly reduced to 175 million dollars.


Trump saw himself climb back onto the Bloomberg 500 list as TMTG was publicly listed on the NASDAQ. The rise of Truth Social has been the catalyst for TMTG going public, as the approval process via the SEC was less than riveting it has finally entered the public market. Trump owns over 78 million shares in TMTG, making Trump the largest shareholder in TMTG, which has seen his net worth increase drastically in a relatively short period of time.

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