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May 2023 Trump Haven Newsletter

May 2023 Edition

May has proven to be quite eventful with a wide range of political events and major announcements occurring. The much anticipated entry into the 2024 presidential race by Ron DeSantis has been met with widespread dissatisfaction. Ron’s entry is considered the official marking of his disloyalty towards President Trump, considering the history and circumstances to Ron’s rise to eminence.

DeSantis has seen a sharp decline in his poll numbers as his bid for the presidency is recognized by the MAGA fan base as disingenuous. Senator of South Carolina Tim Scott also announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential race where Trump wished Sen Scott good luck on Truth Social.

Trump responded to the official findings and conclusion of the Durham report. In an animated Truth Social post, Trump showcased perfectly how to call out a group of criminals. Now it’s beyond any doubt one of the greatest espionage acts in an history occurred.

May 2023 Trump Haven Newsletter

Despite the Durham report decisively finding hard evidence of a coup attempt towards Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential run, no charges were suggested for court proceedings. This outcome has marked an end to all things we once knew America stood for as the prospect of America becoming a banana republic is in plain sight.

As the WHO officially marked an end to the Coronavirus pandemic, President Biden has decided to reverse the successful Executive Order Title 42 by President Trump. Since rescinding Title 42 Illegal immigration has surged to new record levels.

Donald Trump wasted no time responding with great dismay to the largest scale invasion of the US Southern Border in history. Trump announced his intentions to issue an executive order outlawing of citizenship of Birth Tourism involving illegal migrants in the United States.

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