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National Security

Under the Obama administration the United States military saw 8 years of decay and neglect. The Trump era administration undertook a full scale rebuild of the US military with over 2.2 trillion dollars in defense spending. The overhaul included the addition of the 6th branch of armed forces in the USA with the creation of the United States Space Force. In addition provided the largest pay increase to the brave service men and women who serve our great land. Astonishingly in contrary to most the media’s predictions claiming Trump’s flamboyant personality and lack of political correctness would be a certainty to provoke war with rivals abroad. The Trump administration was the first administration to not start a war since the Reagan era. Trump was also successful in achieving repairing missing gaps in the defense industrial base and the critical updates required for a 21st century national defense system. Amongst the updates included advanced missile defense capabilities and regional alliances, took action within information security and communications technologies with the removal of vulnerable telecommunication services and mobile applications. The completion of the removal of nuclear material campaigns, with the securing of 1000 kilograms of top grade uranium, along with reducing global nuclear treats. Inclusive of the America First Agenda the FY21 National Defense Authorization act was vetoed, this act undermined national security and maligned the history of our wonderful veterans and military. President Trump was responsible for the ending of the ISIS terrorist caliphate. The terror organization was dismantled through sanctions and target military action. The ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi and the world’s most prolific terrorist Qasem Solemaini were assassinated, this prompted the freeing of close to 8 million civilians captured by the terror group ISIS. These events prompted the creation of the Terrorist Financing Centre a partnership with the United States and associated Gulf allies. The partnership established will not only target terrorist financial networks but also extremist ideology and terror threats.

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