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Moms For Trump Endorsement

November 2023 Edition

November marked the 12 month countdown to the US presidential election as the 2024 election race is reaching a pivotal stage. Trump has continued to battle with the ambiguous legal practices of the state of New York as the picture of political persecution is only becoming crystal clear. The revelations unveiled come as many high profile firms and financial intuitions such as Deutsche Bank testified in solidarity with the world class business operation of the Trump Organization.

Trump saw a title wave of political endorsements throughout November, with the most prolific coming from Governor of Texas Greg Abbott as Trump delivered remarks at the southern border. Trump received a major endorsement from Moms for America in recognition of his endless work to restore parental rights.

Amongst the list of endorsements, included Glenn Jacobs the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee aka Kane from WWE. The mass level of endorsements come as polls across the nation indicate the highest levels of support that Donald J. Trump has ever seen since his debut into politics. Noticeably the shift in support amongst youth voters and African American voters has been substantial, in which demographically speaking as been a Democrat stronghold for decades.

Maryanne Trump Barry  Passing Truth Social

Donald J. Trump sadly lost his older sister Maryanne Trump Barry who passed away on the 13th of November at the age of 86. Donald J. Trump remembered his Sister for her phenomenal work as a federal judge on the SCOTUS and for her celebrated career as an attorney. Her passing came as Donald Trump Jr. testified in the New York case later expressing to the press his sorrow for his Aunts passing.

Trump announced under Agenda 47 his plan to tackle the exorbitant cost of higher education with the introduction of the American Academy to deliver quality education to American students cost free. Trump declared war on homelessness amongst veterans as the country is in the midst of an illegal immigration crisis that it costing the America tax payer astronomical sums. Trump further added that he will put America First by ceasing welfare for illegal aliens as the mass wave of illegal migration is unsustainable for America to incur.

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