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Trump Haven October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Edition

The true weakness of the Biden Administration has been showcased once again, as the Gaza boarder conflict is in full swing following the Hamas attacks on Israeli citizens. These devastating events occurred just weeks after the Biden administration granted Iran 6 billion dollars in exchange for hostages. Trump stood in solidarity with Israel at the Republican Jewish Coalition Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada where his support to the Jewish state was reinforced. These harrowing experiences that have transpired, only amplified the great work Trump achieved with the brokering of the Abraham Accords, thus far the greatest peace deal of the 21st century.

Trump continued to campaigning heavily in Iowa with numerous rallies taking place in the Hawkeye state across Sioux City, Clive, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Ottumwa. Trump also campaigned throughout New Hampshire in Wolfeboro and Derry, where Trump reminded the people of the "Live Free or Die" state when energy independence reigned supreme. The issue of affordable energy was highlighted as recently it was announced that the cost of utilities have doubled in New Hampshire, driving further pressure on the household budget.

Trump Stands with Israel

Trump continued to fight for the American autoworkers as the UAW leaders have been almost complicit in what is a horrendous policy set by Joe Biden. The electric vehicle mandate is set to require two-thirds of American manufactured vehicles to be electric, and is almost certain to collapse the production of automobiles being manufactured in places like Michigan and South Carolina.

A big win for the Trump case in New York was attained as a ruling from the appeals court was handed down. The details of the case were deemed to have a statute of limitations up to 2014 were Trump touted 80% of the case has been effectively thrown out. Ivanka Trump has been ordered to testify in the civil case in New York by Arthur Engoron as Ivanka is expected to appear in court at some stage throughout November.

Mark Meadows was granted immunity in the Federal subversion case and is set to testify against President Trump in Federal court. Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting false statements and writings in a plea deal involving the Georgia racketeering case. Adding to the names of high profile lawyers who are under immense scrutiny form authorities is Sidney Powell who has also plead guilty to the conspiracy counts against her in the Federal case.

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