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Religious Liberty

Religious liberty was center stage in Trump’s tenure as 45th president. Trump’s leadership and governance style has been the most conservative America has witnessed in the 21st century. Religious liberty had been taken advantage of prior to Trump’s inauguration, even under attack by certain organizations in America.

Donald J. Trump was the first president in US history to attend March for life in support of the prolife movement. Trump directed a host of nations including Brazil and Hungary in the formation of the Geneva Consensus Declaration. A total of 34 nations signed the declaration, that recognized abortion has no place for global governance In relation to women’s health. The measure ensured protecting national sovereignty over the participating nation’s culture and customs.

The International Religious Freedom Alliance was initiated under the Trump administration to combat religious persecution. This was instrumental in standing up for religious liberty in the United States and abroad. President Trump was the first President in history to conduct a convention at the United Nations on religious liberty, and to address the escalating concerns of rising anti-Semitism.

On May 4 2017 Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty. The Executive Order prompted the winding back of the Johnson Amendment, ensuring faith leaders have more political free speech. In addition the EO is fundamental in protecting the conscience rights of doctors, nurses and faith based groups in particular the Little Sisters of the Poor a Roman Catholic congregation of women.

“Our Nation acknowledges that religious liberty is a natural right, given to us by our Creator, not a courtesy that government extends to us.” President Donald J. Trump.

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