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Parents For Trump

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September 2023 Edition

September saw a slew of political endorsements towards Donald J. Trump. Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem announced her endorsement of President Trump at the monumental leaders dinner in Rapid City. Other endorsements included Congressman Bill Posey and Senator Mike Braun of Indiana. Trump vowed to make America inhabit the lowest cost of energy across the world and to restore energy independence again. This comes as the Biden administration added further burdensome regulations to practically shutdown coal fired power plants and natural gas power plants across the country.

Trump unleashed a staunch defense and support towards the education sector under agenda 47. Trump announced his 10 principals for great schools policy that will be implemented to refocus the US education system from the failing standards it currently endures. Trump also announced his extended support to home-school families as he announced a $10,000 annual grant per child for home schooled families. In addition Trump announced the same level of external resources to be available for families participating in home-schooling.

EV Mandate

Trump has been busy in the state of Iowa with multiple rallies and more scheduled in October in anticipation for the 2024 Iowa Republican presidential caucus. This comes as Trump is still dominating Iowa with recent polls indicating Trump is at 49 Points according to the Emerson College Poll. It has been confirmed that Trump will be a speaker at the Florida Freedom Summit on Sunday November 4. The Biden Administrations war on the US auto industry has gone to new highs with a proposed EV mandate that will end the mass production of internal combustion engines. This is a move that will drive the final nail in the coffin of the US auto industry as Trump vigorously defended the US auto workers at the UAW rally in Detroit, Michigan.

The persecution of the Trump family this September only continued as the latest ruling from Judge Arthur Engoron was issued. The ruling involves Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump as the judge ruled the assets of the Trump Organization that are based in New York were fraudulently over inflated in evaluation. The ruling also stated that Donald Trump deceived various banks and insurance brokers through means of massively exaggerating his net worth to obtain additional business loans and acquisitions. Coinciding with the ruling, some of the New York business licenses that allow the Trump Organization to operate in the city of New York have been revoked.

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