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Trump Tower

The Trump Tower is an icon associated with world trade and over time has taken on a symbolic status in New York City. Trump Tower stands at 664 feet tall making Trump Tower New York’s 64th tallest building, consisting of 58 stories and is renowned for its unique 15 feet ceilings. The skyscraper was one on the first buildings of its kind to be built with a concrete pre cast structure. Located in the heart of Manhattan on 721-725 Fifth Avenue, is also the headquarters of the Trump Organization located on the 25th and 26th floors. In 1976 the Trump Organization signed a 100 year lease in the building to silicify the Trump brand as home to New York.

The site of 721-725 Fifth Avenue was previously the flagship store of former department store Bonwit Teller. In 1979 the chain of department stores was facing bankruptcy. Donald Trump captured the opportune time and acquired the site. The following year the site was demolished and construction of Trump Tower commenced. The building was considered unique at the time due to its mixed use as a residential building consisting of condominiums and the lease of high end retail spaces. Residential condominiums situated at Trump Tower sold out with in the first quarter of the buildings opening. Trump Tower saw the likes of Steven Spielberg, Johnny Carson and other celebrities gain ownership of the residential section of the establishment.

Trump Tower officially opened in February 1983. Reviews of the Trump Tower at its inception by the architectural fraternity were well received. A 1982 review of Trump Tower by Paul Goldberg considered the structure to be a positive addition to the cityscape. Trump Tower has become picture to not only New York but also to film and entertainment. The original Grand Theft Auto Video game featured Trump Tower depicted on the cover upon its release in 1997, and is featured in later versions of the game series. Films such as The Other Guys and Self/Less have featured Trump Tower as a filming location. The most notable high profile TV series to feature at Trump Tower was the classic NBC series Celebrity Apprentice where Donald Trump himself hosted the program.

Trump Tower is home to a number of Trump branded restaurants including Trump Café, Trump Ice Cream Parlor, Trump Grill and more recently 45 Wine & Whiskey Bar. The building has 13 stories of office spaces located between floors 14 and 26. Residential condos are located between floors 30 and 68 containing a total of 268 condominiums, comprising the residential sector of Trump Tower. Major fashion brand Gucci holds their flagship store at Trump Tower and is the largest commercial occupier in the building.

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