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VA Reform

On June 24, 2017, President Trump signed the VA Accountability and Whistle-blower Protection Act to prevent the horrific neglect of U.S. veterans. This marked justice and reform in the treatment of US veterans, our great veterans had been neglected and their treatment was shameful, an embarrassment to American society. Previous administrations had become complacent and allowed extraordinary abuse of veterans in the VA system. Millions of veterans have been placed on long waiting lists for basic medical care and daily services to meet their needs, highlighting the need for VA reform.

In addition to the VA Accountability and Whistle-blower Protection Act, President Trump signed the Haven Act into law on August 23, 2019. The Haven Act received bipartisan support from both major political parties and was supported by many American organizations including the American Bankruptcy Institute and the Association of the United States Navy.

The law assists U.S. veterans financially by excluding disability payments and disability benefits as a bankruptcy income means test based on monthly income received. In structuring VA reform, the introduction of the Haven Act protects benefits such as permanent and temporary disability compensation, disability severance pay, chapter 61 survivor benefit plan VA retirees - veterans pension and disability benefits and more.

“VA accountability is essential to ensuring that veterans are treated with the respect they have so richly earned with their sweet blood and tears” President Donald J. Trump

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