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In February 2019 Donald J. Trump provided an US contribution of over $50 million dollars to the Women’s Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative spearheaded by daughter Ivanka Trump. The initiative has been created to address the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs around the globe.

Women in business have incurred an inherent disadvantage in the economy around the world with issues accessing credit, technology required for the 21st century and a lack of networking. This is a first of its kind and unique initiative that is in line with the Trump administrations ambitions in addressing equality issues facing women. The initiative is designed to promote the safety and protection of women through economic empowerment across the globe. The United States has committed to working with other nations to banish laws, barriers and regulation that inhibit the free and fair participation on women in not only business but also in community.

The objectives of this initiative are comprised to a 3 pillar strategy, to see women prospering in the work force, women succeeding as entrepreneurs and enabling women into the economy, with a projection to see 50 million women around the developing world seek economical empowerment. In acknowledgment from the World Bank claiming in the 21st century it is imperative that society sees equal participation of men and women in work placement, and in any one nation’s development. The World Bank also stated that the issue of under development of women in employment and business is a moral and critical issue in nature. The Trump administration has championed the W-GDP initiative and has taken great steps in making a tremendous contribution to the venture.

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