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The pre-covid economy led by the Trump administration provided ground breaking results, never seen before from previous administrations by the USA and from the world. Solely due to the action of this administration the United States of America made its mark it intends on remaining the top position in the global economy.

Every social class significantly improved on an economic front with 7 million new jobs created. Middle class family income increased $6,000 per annum. This is an increase of five times in comparison the previous Obama administration. Unemployment levels reached a 50 year low with unemployment down to 3.5 percent in conjunction with 40 months of month on month job growth.

Unemployment reached an all-time low across America during the Trump administration. African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American, Veterans of our great nation saw the greatest rise in employment numbers in American history. This includes workers with disabilities and special needs also attaining higher levels of employment opportunities. This is a testament to the Trump administration in terms of economic success. Considering such a broad and diverse range of social classes, equal opportunity and prosperity was delivered. Perhaps the most significant feature of success demonstrated, in light of the pre-covid economy and the most significant statistic is that over 7 million Americans were lifted off food stamps.

Criticism of the Trump Administration in the nature of the equality gap growing under the Trump era is debunked as white house government data at the time indicated a 5 percent rise African American and Hispanic Americans home ownership. Under the Trump administration higher living standards were achieved, with the bottom half of American households enjoying a 40 percent increase in net wealth.

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